And now some pics of cats.

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Engagement Session at Butler Park in Austin TX

About a month ago, Allyson, Michael and I went to Butler Park for an engagement session. We also made our way to The Long Center. I have to say, Weeping Willows are awesome.

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Messenger No. 4

As many of you already know, in addition to photography my other huge passion in life is theatre. This past February, I directed a play that I spent a full year prior writing and re-writing. It’s called Messenger No. 4 (or… How to Survive a Greek Tragedy). I’ve been obsessed with greek tragedy for quite a few years now, and Messenger No. 4 was a culmination of that obsession. The play is a melting pot of time travel comedy, Shakespeare and Greek tragedy. I’m happy to say that last June, it was nominated for two Austin Critics Table Awards for Production of a Comedy and the David Mark Cohen New Play Award. Now, I’ve been nominated again for a B. Iden Payne Award for Outstanding Direction of a Comedy. The fight choreography done by the fabulous Andrew Rodgers (who also played Messenger No. 4) has been nominated as well.

Working on that show was one of the most rewarding theatrical experiences I’ve ever had. Oh, and I also took the photos for it too. 😉 See below!

The poster for Messenger No. 4. Featuring Andrew Rodgers as M4, doing the classic Marty McFly pose from the Back to the Future poster.

Daniel Sawtelle and Rachel Wiese as the “Training Video” for new messengers.

Philip Olson as Messenger No. 15, Daniel Sawtelle delivering a “red letter”, and Andrew Rodgers as Messenger No. 4.

Elena Weinberg as Elektra and Andrew Rodgers as Messenger No. 4.

Vanessa Marroquin as Chrysothemis.

Elena Weinberg as Artemis and Vanessa Marroquin as Chrysothemis.

Andrew Rodgers as Messenger No. 4.

Elena Weinberg as Laertes, Joey Melcher as Hamlet, and Rachel Wiese as Shakespeare.

The full cast of Messenger No. 4. From top to bottom, left to right. Daniel Sawtelle, Andrew Rodgers, Vanessa Marroquin, Karina Dominguez, Rachel Wiese, Elena Weinberg, Joey Melcher, Philip Olson, Megan Minto, and Jessica Allen.

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