Wedding at Barr Mansion in Austin TX

Back in May, I photographed Doug and Allison’s wedding at Barr Mansion. It’s a gorgeous venue and the ceremony and reception were a whole lot of fun to photograph. Here are a few photos:

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Vodka, F*cking and Television

I’ve been working with Breaking String Theater for a few years now taking their publicity and production photos. I always have the most fun at their photo shoots. The most recent shoot was for their upcoming production of Vodka, F*cking and Television by¬†Maksym Kurochkin. The play is comedy about a writer confronted by his three vices, each trying to justify their existence in his life. Liz Fisher is directing this one and provided much of the artistic direction for the shoot. When I arrived at her house, I entered to find a five foot high pile of crumpled paper. Glenda Barnes provided the costumes. Derek Kolluri will be designing a poster from one of the images and I’ll be sure to share it when it is ready. You can find out more about the play here:

If the following photos don’t convince you to see the play, I don’t know what will.

Noel Gaulin as the writer.

Joey Hood as Vodka.

Adriene Mishler as F*cking.

Jude Hickey as Television.



and Television

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Boudoir Session with Erin

In June, I did a boudoir session with the stunning Erin Jameson. Here are three photos from the session:

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